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There are three main components to a Beam Central Vacuum System: The Power Unit, The Power Team, and the Tubing.

The Power Unit
The heavy duty, high performance power unit is 2-5 times more powerful than portable vacuums, giving you more power for deep down cleaning. Usually located in a remote location such as a garage or basement, the Power Unit ensures powerful but quiet, dust-free operation.

The Power Team

  • Electric Hose
    The 30 FT. lightweight, crushproof electric hose features an ergonomically designed lite-touch hose handle with an on/off switch to control the power unit and the electric power nozzle.
  • Electric Power Nozzle
    Using its own electric motor, the power nozzle gently beats the carpet with its revolving roller brush. This brings the dirt to the surface, which is then vacuumed away to the power unit.
  • Attachment Set
    Each power team includes two lightweight plastic wands, floor brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, round dusting brush, and a handy tool caddy.
The Tubing
The two inch PVC tubing, installed during construction or even retrofitted into your existing house, connects each outlet to the power unit.
The strategically located wall inlets are connected by vacuum tubing to the high-performance power unit.

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