New Home Installations

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Most of the systems we install are in new home construction.  If you are considering a central vacuum system for your new home, please contact us so we can show you why a Beam Central Vacuum system is right for you.

Installation in a new home is a simple. The installation process needs to begin before the insulation and drywall goes up in the new home. There are only a few steps to arranging an installation in your new home.

  • Consult with one of our expert staff to determine the best Beam Central Vacuum System for you.
  • Measure your new home to determine the optimal number and placement of outlets in your home.
  • Install the vacuum system tubing. This will occur around the time your electrical work is being installed. Installation of the tubing typically takes only one day.
  • When painting is completed in your home, we then install the faceplates, accesories Power Unit, and deliver the Power Team.
  • Once you move in, we will demonstrate complete usage of your new Beam Central Vacuum System and answer any questions you may have.
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